About Us

About PSSG

PSSG is a training and management consulting firm specializing in conducting a variety of evaluation and developmental services for public safety agencies in local, state and federal organizations and governments in the United States and with a growing number of international public safety organizations. Working as a collaborative team of safety, management and law enforcement professionals, our goal is to help agencies improve their operations in areas of administration, management and critical services of police personnel.

The Associates of PSSG share extensive experience in all facets of the criminal justice system and public safety professions. As practitioners, they come from diverse backgrounds and experiences at all levels in public safety organizations. Each Associate at PSSG holds or has held a faculty position in educating the next generation of professionals in the Criminal Justice field.

PSSG conducts a number of consultative, educational or leadership and organizational development modeling for the unique needs of safety and law enforcement organizations to help identify areas of opportunity and to assess areas that could become problematic.

Areas of PSSG Expertise:

Management Training for Police Services

Organizational Development

Human Resources

Psychological Services

Community Policing and Engagement

Civil & Criminal Liability

Executive Searches

Accreditation Applications

Accreditation on behalf of law enforcement departments communicates a commitment on behalf of those organizations to a professional level of self and external review and evaluation within the organization. The exercise of the process of earning and maintaining accreditation should provide the data and tools for managers to make improvements to processes and policies that make for stronger organizations which are better prepared to serve the communities they are sworn to protect. However, the process of analysis, data collection, analysis and initial review is often enhanced with experienced consultants.

PSSG has a wide history of consultation with various organizations seeking to earn or maintain accreditation with their appropriate Accreditation bodies.

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) affords vast opportunities for police agencies to professionalize and serve their citizens in ways which are based on national standards and contemporary policies and practices. The prestigious recognition that accreditation brings to law enforcement is a significant improvement in the operations of agencies and enhances relationships with the citizens they serve. PSSG assists agencies from the self-assessment phase through the final award.