Human Resource Development

PSSG concentrates on the potential of employees for their personal and professional development by emphasizing the importance of human capital in the workplace. A special focus is placed on the development of leaders, managers and supervisors in public safety professions.

A leader is goal directed, looking forward with anticipation toward the attainment of goals. Management development involves the what and how of training and understanding the why of a situation. The result is managers who are working because they want to and because they understand why and how they are essential to the organization’s goals. Collectively they form a powerful force that literally assures the achievement of organizational goals.

Supervisory development is designed to engage supervisors in a process that results in personal and professional growth. The development of effective supervisors has a direct correlation to an increase in the productivity and quality of services of a public safety organization.

These areas include:

  • Leadership, Management and Supervision Development
  • Employee Psychology and Suitability Assessments
  • Professional Growth and Development
  • Personality Assessment Measures
  • Self-Managing Team Development
  • Career Development Program
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Creating Learning Environments