Police Management

PSSG provides a host of professional management and operational services for police and law enforcement agencies across the nation. We offer consulting services in operational and administrative areas that are designed to improve police operations in communities and enhance police organizational structures and functions for more optimal delivery of services and improved performance of personnel. 

Typical areas covered in our evaluations and studies include but are not limited to the following:

• Performance Measurement

• Resource Allocation Studies (Staffing and Scheduling)

• Criminal Investigation Management

• Drug Enforcement Management

• Patrol and Traffic Management

• Community Policing, Engagement and Building Trust

• Accreditation

• Command/Supervisory Decision Making

• Recruitment, Selection and Promotion Practices

• Leadership and Training

• Internal Auditing and Staff Inspections (Quality Assurance)

• Conflict Resolution

• Evidenced Based Policing

• School and Workplace Violence

• Ethics and the Culture of Law Enforcement

• Officer Survival and Reseliency