Community Policing

PSSG is dedicated to the implementation of community policing principles for law enforcement agencies at municipal, county and state levels. Community policing is well accepted in the law enforcement community as a philosophy that builds trust between the police and their citizens and improves operational effectiveness by problem-solving the challenges that lie before agencies and their communities.

The PSSG President and Founder once served as the Commander of the Office of Community Policing for the Illinois State Police and is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of numerous initiatives designed for state law enforcement personnel dedicated to community policing activities. Through lectures, seminars and college courses, Dr. Bowman has provided an extensive amount of instruction and consultation to agencies and personnel in their implementation and evaluation strategies.

The need for managing organizational change is critical to the implementation of community policing principles and helps ensure a more accepted and fully integrated philosophy when mid-level managers in particular are on board with the proposed changes. On-going training and development activities are practiced and studies conducted to help agencies with their community policing strategies and initiatives.